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It’s Hard Asking Out A Barista                 

a song about, well, the difficulties in asking out a girl who works in a coffee shop

A while back I played at The SW!PE Magazine Musical Performance at Gibson Showroom. It was a super fun night with a lot of cool music that you should watch the video and check out. If you fast forward to 39:10 you can see me perform two songs! One you may have heard and one you probably haven’t. And another song of mine plays over the credits at 1:32:15!

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 by Cody Westphal from Something Just Happened You Should Know About

What Do You Think Of Me Now - Cody Westphal

Off the EP “Something Just Happened You Should Know About”

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A Selfish Love Song - Cody Westphal

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Broken Color TV (I’m Gonna Love You)

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Just a Friend (Cover)

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(I Ain’t Gonna) Stand in Your Way

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Bob Dylan’s 49th Beard (Cover)

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If You Walked Alone

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Dreams of You

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A Kiss to Build a Dream On (Cover)

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Make My Move

Hey! I'm a Brooklyn based musician who loves charts, old magazines and rock and roll. I just started working with Full Stop to record my first full length LP.


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